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Remo cream


Moisturizing Cream

Indication :

·         Dry Skin.

·         Post Laser.

·         Eczema.

·         Psoriasis.

·         Xerosis.


Product benefit :

·         Skin Moisturizer .



·         Has Healing Effect In Cracked Feet And Elbows.


Good to know :

·         Ph Balanced

·         Paraben & Fragrance Free


Format :

75 ml

Malinda Gel

Malinda Gel 

This synergistic combination of AHA and BHA active ingredients enriched with MOISTURIZERS boosts the action of the soothing for maximum efficiency.

Indication :

·         Skin Cleanser

·         Acne.

·         Skin Rejuvenation.


Product benefit :

·         Gently Cleanses Without Drying Skin.

·         Puirifies And Deep Cleanses Pores .

·         Effectively Eliminates Excess Sebum And Impurities.

·         Has Keratolytic Action.


Good to know :

·         Gentle Soap Free Cleansing Base .

·         Pleasant Fragrance .


Format :

200 ml

Malinda Cream

The first and the only Ultra-Light Revitalizing Moisturizer with Aquaxyl Active System and Nano Hyaluronic Acid in the Egyptian market, Offers instant and long-lasting 3D Hydration up to 48 Hrs.
Intensive moisturizer and emollient formula with ultra-light texture. Strong Rejuvenating and lipid-replenishing properties to reserve skin protective barrier. Powerfully Soothes Irritation and Controls redness Enhances skin vitality and rhythm recovery. Superior and fast moisturizer. Encourages Skin Healing Rapid absorption Hypo-allergenic & non-comedogenic. Lovely texture. Suitable for Oily skin and Sensitive skin

Whitening Cream

Advanced formula with the latest Liopoaminoacid Technology Powered by Patent Sepiwhite MSH, Offers Ideal Trio Whitening effect New generation and patent ingredient with a novel mode of action for trio whitening effect Effective against all types of hyperpigmentation Enriched powerful skin moisturizers to restore skin moisture Has Powerful Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory effects Stimulates collagen production & prevents wrinkle formation Superfast absorption technology Compatible with all skin types Hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic PH Balanced