skin care before you sleep

skin care before you sleep

How to take care of the skin before bed

During the day, our skin is more vulnerable to stress, impurities and dust due to the environment in which we live, which makes our skin pale and also speeds up the appearance of wrinkles in it.

Therefore, taking care of the skin before bed, things are very important

If you are someone who uses makeup during the day, it is important to get rid of it before bed with specially made medical preparations to remove makeup in order to make your skin breathe and avoid clogging the skin pores because if these pores are closed, our skin will be vulnerable to the formation of black and white heads


Secondly, use a face wash before bed

Use a face wash because medical preparations for removing makeup are not effective in a good way to remove all makeup on the face and even include removing makeup in a final way, so that skin lotion is one of its properties that it removes excess oils on the skin and also gets rid of the remnants of makeup that have not been cleaned properly.

Third, it is recommended to use a moisturizer for the skin

The use of moisturizer for the skin is necessary because it delays the appearance of signs of aging and signs of aging, and that it is natural and does not contain oils or even aromatic materials such as remo cream, and that moisturizing is not limited to the face only, but also on the hands and neck

Fourth, pay attention to the area around the eye

The area under the eyes is a very sensitive area, so you have to take care of it to avoid the effects of fatigue and sleeplessness, and use medicinal preparations in the morning and evening, taking into account the method of using it and avoiding placing it away from the eye, and also it is placed on the bone that is one centimeter from the eye in order to avoid redness, swelling or sensitivity when waking up A.m

Fifthly, you can drink a glass of water before bed

Water stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the skin, keeps its glasses and vitality, protects it from dehydration, reduces the appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles.

Sixth, attention to lips

It is important to take care of the lips by applying a moisturizing cream to them in order to avoid dryness and cracking

Seventh, tie hair before bed

Avoid touching your hair with the face, because the hair contains oils that lead to the emergence of acne and pimples when it comes into contact with the face and it may be removed from the face.

Eighth, get enough sleep

Sleeping for long enough will positively reflect on the freshness and brightness of your skin and make it rest, with the sleep time of seven to eight hours per day during the night

Finally, taking care of the skin during the night does not take more than five minutes, so for all people who respond smooth, fresh, pure, bright and wrinkle-free skin, follow these steps so that your look is attractive and you are confident in yourself

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