skin care in corona time

skin care in corona time

The effect of sanitary isolation due to the Corona virus extends to many aspects of our life, significantly affecting mental and physical health, and even beauty, and specifically on the health of the skin, so a good level of care and attention to the beauty and smoothness of the skin must be maintained during this crisis

Here are some tips to make your skin smoother and brighter


With the frequent use of antiseptics, detergents, and sterilizers and frequent hand washing, the skin may become dehydrated, so we often suffer during this period from fatigue from cracked hands, and inflammation to the dangerous stages of eczema, which in turn contribute greatly to the transmission of viruses, and today we are taking protective and preventive measures; In order to fight the Corona virus, we must use moisturizers that nourish the skin that give the skin a high degree of hydration, such as Remo  cream, in order to maintain the health of our skin


Stress and stress can lead to a loss of skin vitamins that diminish its shine and radiance, so it becomes pale . And stress also causes an increase in sweating and loss of water from the body. This leads to dry skin and the appearance of cracks.


Create a calm, stress-free atmosphere for yourself because stress leads to nervous stress and the appearance of wrinkles due to permanent and continuous frowning, and these details are among the things that cause wrinkles, especially the fine lines at the eyebrow and forehead area.


The importance of drinking plenty of water during the home quarantine of at least 8 cups of water, this will help supply your body with moisture, and it will help maintain the health and elasticity of the skin and prevent it from drying out.


Eat healthy foods and make your table rich in vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to the type of food you eat, as some unhealthy foods negatively affect the skin, such as excessive intake of fried foods, sugars and fats.


Get enough sleep because not sleeping for enough time will make your body tired, which causes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, so your goal is for the number of sleep hours to be at least 8 hours so that your skin is not stressed


Doing exercise can help you de-stress and be your best. You can choose easy exercises to practice


Taking a warm bath will help you relieve stress and feel relaxed. This will positively affect the complexion and make it more fresh and vibrant


Wash the face twice in the morning and before bedtime , and the face is rinsed with lukewarm water to get rid of oils, dust and cosmetics


Do not forget to use sunscreen even at home to avoid kitchen heat and harmful TV and mobile rays and to prevent them from reaching the skin

And finally

Do not stop applying hair routine, as the cleaning and moisturizing steps will undoubtedly help in maintaining the health and gaze of the skin.

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