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Malinda Gel

Malinda Gel 

This synergistic combination of AHA and BHA active ingredients enriched with MOISTURIZERS boosts the action of the soothing for maximum efficiency.

Indication :

·         Skin Cleanser

·         Acne.

·         Skin Rejuvenation.


Product benefit :

·         Gently Cleanses Without Drying Skin.

·         Puirifies And Deep Cleanses Pores .

·         Effectively Eliminates Excess Sebum And Impurities.

·         Has Keratolytic Action.


Good to know :

·         Gentle Soap Free Cleansing Base .

·         Pleasant Fragrance .


Format :

200 ml

Malinda Cream

The first and the only Ultra-Light Revitalizing Moisturizer with Aquaxyl Active System and Nano Hyaluronic Acid in the Egyptian market, Offers instant and long-lasting 3D Hydration up to 48 Hrs.
Intensive moisturizer and emollient formula with ultra-light texture. Strong Rejuvenating and lipid-replenishing properties to reserve skin protective barrier. Powerfully Soothes Irritation and Controls redness Enhances skin vitality and rhythm recovery. Superior and fast moisturizer. Encourages Skin Healing Rapid absorption Hypo-allergenic & non-comedogenic. Lovely texture. Suitable for Oily skin and Sensitive skin